Thursday 13 June 2019

It has a narrative

I spent the winter weaving pieces for my new collection, now piecing, placing & stitching.
Although I miss the sun, the rubbish weather at the moment is helping me to stay focused on my practice and not to go skipping around outside. This collection to be first shown in October 19
is considered and delicate, it has a narrative. Although this is my story and journey, it is to be shared in the hope of other's sharing theirs, to create a community. 

Tuesday 28 May 2019


Issue 73. Oct/Nov 2016

Reloved magazine
October 2015

Pretty Patches
Issue 44
February 2018

Be Creative with workbox
Issue 167 

Friday 17 May 2019


It's three years ago that I was selected for the @craftscouncil Hothouse programme,
a ride I feel privileged and very grateful to have been able to take.

Hothouse is a Crafts Council UK programme of creative and business development for talented new makers.

Kate Whitehead - It’s a ride I feel privileged and very grateful to have been able to take
Like many textile artists, I work alone. Sometimes that can feel quite isolating; sometimes I feel like I’m losing my way. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Hothouse programme, but I have to say that for me, the experience of mixing with other makers and taking part in different sessions has been an inspiration.
Defining your values, delivered by Claire Norcross and Emilie Taylor, gave me the space to get really clear what it is that motivates me; why I do what I do; and why I do it how I do it. 

A key element of my practice is that I work at a measured pace. I can spend ages on each piece, going to whatever lengths are necessary to produce work I’m proud of. I already knew this - but now I value it as a cornerstone of what I do, rather than beating myself up for not producing enough pieces.
Similarly, for me it’s imperative to produce work that’s entirely handmade in the UK, and to reuse fabric that’s been thrown away. Again, I knew this – but it’s good to have identified this as something central to what I do…something worth shouting about, even. 
Mark Sinker’s Putting the tyger back in the forest session helped me rewrite my artist statement, and that has already had a huge impact on my ability to get out there and promote myself.
Artist's Statement sessionARTIST'S STATEMENT SESSION
Explaining my practice to other people has always been my idea of hell. It took me a long time to nail my statement; getting it right involves really pinning down what makes you tick as a maker. Now I have a firm basis from which to express what I do, both in the written form and verbally. 
These sessions have given me confidence. They’ve helped me define my identity as an artist. Hothouse has been an emotional rollercoaster at times - but all in all, it’s a ride I feel privileged and very grateful to have been able to take.
Handwoven Envelope Bag, Kate WhiteheadHANDWOVEN ENVELOPE BAG, KATE WHITEHEAD

Friday 10 May 2019

Cite internationale de la tapisserie Aubusson

The Cité & its museum

One of the reasons for my recent French trip was I wanted to re visit The Cité internationale de la tapisserie. My first trip there was with my students two years ago, when I taught natural dyeing and hand weave for a week at in Limoges. 
The Cité internationale de la tapisserie opened in summer 2016 in Aubusson (Creuse, France). The building of the former National School of Decorative Art in Aubusson has been entirely rehabilitated by Terreneuve architecture studio (Paris). The main objective of this new institution is to make visitors discover an age-old craftsmanship: Aubusson carpets and tapestries. In this tapestry museum, the heritage collections are presented in a brandnew and immersive exhibit. More than just a museum, the Cité de la tapisserie is a place of artistic creation, training and supporting the tapestry economic sector, which still remains complete and preserved within the territory of Aubusson and South Creuse after six centuries of existence.


Back to creating, making and organising my practice after a month off. I have driven three thousand miles through France to Amsterdam collecting treasure, exploring, researching textiles and visiting friends. 
The two main areas of my practice I am working on at the moment are a collection to sit next to a previous body of work 'Not From The Stork'  to be exhibited in the Textile Galleries at the Knit & Stitch shows in London, Dublin and Harrogate this year and a new collaboration with @Trouble_at_mill design house and independent fashion store. A collaboration inspired by slow fashion principles to recreate beautiful handmade clothing, garments to be worn and hung available to buy and made on the premises. Visit the Shop and studio @ Beech Road, Chorlton, Manchester M21 9HT


Collaboration 2019

Sunlight images created by natural elements a collaboration @trouble_at_mill and _Katewhitehead. Painted and handwoven fabric made into beautiful clothing available to buy , made in the premises.
Visit @trouble_at_mill shop and studio
Tuesday - Saturday 11-6pm
Beech Road, Chorlton
Manchester M21 9HT

Monday 25 February 2019

New Website

I am weaving, stitching and printing creating a collection to exhibit later on this year. Working on an exciting collaboration and new website coming soon. 

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