Friday, 10 May 2013

"The Beauty Of Poor Materials"

"The Beauty of poor materials" reflects the environment of the visual research and the materials that have been used to create my final collection. I expanded the theme of paper designs on walls used in the previous semester to consider the environment where the designs are found; city back streets. My project involved patching and mending, it has a feel of materials found, restored and repaired and objects abandoned, forgotten and overlooked. I selected poor materials such as Calico, muslin, scrim, various salvaged fabrics and vintage curtains. I combined thread kindly supplied by Madeira through their sponsorship with those that I collected from antique shops and second hand markets. The textile areas I have explored in my final collection are embroidery, weave, print and ink drawing. The areas that I feel are particularly successful are my woven string bracelets, hand drawn concertina book and the later embroidery. The less successful elements are the digital prints and my first attempts at embroidered patching. As a textiles designer I will continue to work with poor materials and overlooked items.

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