Saturday, 12 March 2016

© 2016 Kate Whitehead

_katewhiteheadMy work is a protest against the way textiles are consumed in Western Society. I'm tired of a world in which clothes are produced and thrown away without thought to the consequences; where the fashion industry and media impose identities on us. My rebellion is to go back to slower processes, embrace tradition, salvage the discarded, fix the broken.

In my weaving and embroidery I explore the potential of the forgotten, overlooked and abandoned. I revel in discovering humble, quiet fabrics like Calicos and Cottons; the more worn, faded and story- laden the better; and giving them a second chance. I take time to imagine the history of every piece, exploring its hues and tones, examining its tears and frays, weighing up its foibles.

© 2016 Kate Whitehead

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