Monday, 31 August 2015

Indigo dye, Weave & embroidery workshop 2016 @ Needle and Thread. KateWhiteheadTextiles‬ © 2015 Kate


Come and spend an amazing weekend experimenting with indigo dye, weave and stitch in this very special two day workshop with fabulous textile artist & designer Kate Whitehead
Kate dyes, weaves and embroiders the most beautiful pieces, from handwoven shawls and woven hangings to cuffs, bowls and kimonos. They implore to be touched, each piece made from materials such as salvaged fabrics with meaning, calico, muslim, scrim and paper, which Kate describes as "poor materials" . She then makes the cloth "richer" through patching and mending and more desirable by fashioning it into her stunning accessories, upholstery fabrics and wall hangings.
For this course you are invited to bring your own pieces of fabric and garments that have a special story, memory and meaning*. You will dismantle and have the opportunity to dip dye with indigo your selected materials. Your chosen dipped dyed fabric lengths will be used to create a unique piece of weave to love and cherish that can be worn, hung or framed.
During this 2 day workshop will cover:
Introduction to dip dying with indigo and the production of simple weave structures
Discussion of colour combinations and texture
Experiment with dip dying fabrics in the indigo bath, hanging and drying
Creating fabric ribbon to be used in the weave
Selection of colour and material of warp
Produce a warp on a peg frame loom
Weaving on a peg frame loom
Embellishing and finishing
Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th March 10-4pm £150 for two days @ Needle and Thread  (Book your place below)
Included: Delicious lunch, Coffee, Teas and Homemade cakes, all your equipment and materials.
*(Fabrics & other materials will be available for you to use freely on the day).
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